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Barcelona – Everything You Need to Know on your first trip

Congratulations on officially booking your first trip to Barcelona, Spain! Hopefully, you were able to get your hands on some cheap flights and are now conjuring up a plan on how to make the most of this exciting cheap holiday that is sure to be filled with adventure from start to finish. In order to do just that, here are some helpful things worth knowing before heading out to Barcelona…

Note: If you haven’t booked your trip to Barcelona just yet, we hope to change your mind 😉

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Where to Stay in Barcelona

This part of your Barcelona trip may very well decide whether or not your cheap holiday actually stays cheap. Although Spain does indeed have some higher end accommodation options, there are also plenty of affordable hotels and hostels to choose from while exploring Barcelona. Such as the following…

Hotel California: Located within a historic building just recently redone and renovated, when deciding to stay here you can rest assured you are in a safe and convenient area as well as surrounded by clean and comfortable amenities. They also love making their guests feel right at home and you’ll most likely make plenty of friends by the end of your stay in this nice Barcelona hotel.

Hotel Cuatro Naciones: If its location you are after while in Spain, look no further than this hotel to stay at during your cheap holiday. Smack dab in the center of Las Ramblas, you will be merely steps away from all the major shopping, restaurants, and nightlife that Barcelona has to offer.

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What to See & Do in Barcelona

After you have decided on one amongst the many hotels out there and get all settled in, now it is time to experience Barcelona, Spain to its absolute fullest! Keep the streak of finding cheap flights and cheap hotels going with affordable things to see and do while there…

Museums: Want to really get to know the city? Be sure to visit its many impressive museums and make sure it’s on a Sunday afternoon as the city-run ones are typically completely free! These include ones like Museu Picasso and MUHBA.

Beaches: Chances are that your cheap Barcelona holiday is going to come along with some fantastic weather and the best way to enjoy it is undoubtedly going to be on the beach. If you don’t mind crowds, then head to Barceloneta and for less crowds further north towards the Forum area.

Wander the Streets: Sure, you can visit museums and read about the history of this incredible city in Spain but the best way to truly immerse yourself in its vibrant culture is by simply walking and wandering the streets. Strike up a conversation with locals, look at their street art, and have some real fun!

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Where to Eat & Drink in Barcelona

Spain, in general, is known for its outstanding delicacies and although some higher end restaurants do exist in Barcelona, try your best to avoid them and eat at these following places during your cheap holiday…

Mercat de la Boqueria: Also simply known as the famous indoor market where you will find an array of delicious tapas, pizza stalls, and thirst quenching drinks all waiting to be enjoyed by you.

La Taqueria: Modern yet traditional, cheap yet phenomenal this Barcelona eatery should absolutely be on your list. Make sure to try the tacos or quesadilla…or both.

Lata-Berna: There’s a big chance that while you are in Barcelona, Spain you are going to fall in love with the tapas way of life. If this does happen to you, then you’ll want to frequent Lata-Berna more than just once as their tapas are to die for.

Bar Ramon: Possibly the best spot in Barcelona to grab a nice refreshing beer on tap with a great price tag. A laid back rock bar with friendly service and eclectic decorations.

Gran Bodega Salto: Weird, picturesque, cheap, and lively are just a few words to describe this gem of a place that you may end up falling in love with.

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