By: Alexandra Fasulo

With so many airlines, travel booking agencies, and third-party ticket platforms out there today, something as simple as booking a cheap flight can become overly complex. Many times, people end up spending too much on a third-party site and even run into validity complications with the airline at the airport.

The good news is, with all of these options, that means there are plenty of loopholes and ways to ensure you are booking cheap flights every time. Let’s run through some secret cheap booking secrets for your next adventure.

Did you know Wednesday is the cheapest day of the week to book a flight? Well it is. Especially for domestic travel, plan your next trip on Wednesdays and see possibly hundreds of dollars cut off your final ticket price.

Use for comparing all ticket prices on one platform. Opening ten tabs and trying to compare prices can become difficult. On Kayak, you can set your budget, pull up a map, and instantly see all price comparisons in one place. That way, you don’t miss out on any hidden deals.

Book the actual ticket Tuesday afternoon. Sounds precise? released statistics showing this was the best and cheapest time to domestically shop airfare.

Check social media! Airlines are starting to offer special deals, rates, and combos on Facebook and Twitter. You have to be fast, though, for most deals are gone within hours. On the bright side, to stay competitive, all airlines will soon be offering limited edition deals on their social media platforms.

Fly out early. We know it’s hard to get up at 4am, that’s why early morning tickets are often the cheapest. But think about it, you’ll get to your destination with that much more time in the day to enjoy yourself! Grab some coffee and rise and shine.

Sign up for free alerts on Yes, there is entire website dedicated to alerting you when prices alter or fall. Whether you have it sent to your email or phone, this website will keep you instantly up to date with price fluctuations in airfare.

And lastly, take last minute trips! Though it’s not convenient, tickets prices are cut dramatically right before a flight. When airlines can’t fill planes, they’re willing to drop prices immensely to get another body on board. So grab your spouse, pack lightly, and never look back.